The summer is midway done, but you still have work to do!  What are you doing on these dog daze of summer?  Are you keeping busy with your goals to finally move into the kind of career and job that you LOVE?  Or are you being summer-lazy and thinking, I’ll get to that area after labor day?  Well, you should know that in this 24/7/365 world, nobody sleeps or even naps!  You need to be constantly refreshing your objectives, keeping track of contacts and seeing what your network is up to.  This is the time to not only rethink strategy, but take some time to retool your plan.  It is a good thing (don’t hit me) that summer is not that long.  Too often we get out of the habit of checking on current events in our industries, keeping a keen eye of market trends or just responding to posts and news feeds.

I would encourage you to use the rest of the summer wisely- it won’t be around for long.  Open up that marketing book while at the beach.  Review your professional biography while lounging by the pool.  See what is hot- not at the box office or on Netflix, but what is happening in the world and the economy.  Where can you aim your next arrow and be set come September?  Things are changing rapidly today, and you need to be aware if it affects you.  Stock market?  Well- unpredictable.  Unemployment and economic forecasts- sometimes educated opinions.  But is your online presence up to date?  Does the website need a makeover?  Can you really effectively network in 90 degree weather?

So, in summary, enjoy the RIO games, reflect on the conventions- maybe not.  But as you enjoy yourself and turn over the next grilled veggie burger, think how quickly you will be right back where you left off before Memorial Day.  Enjoy!