Solutions when you need them


Solutions when you need them



Career Strategy and Professional Development

with Gary Hines

Gary Hines is an experienced Career Coach, Professional Development Facilitator and Workforce Development Manager who specializes in helping with strategy and mid-career transition plans as well as develop and lead workshops and training on Professional Development Skills needed in today’s workplace.  

Throughout years of experience working with individuals, private companies and government agencies in the United States, Gary has amassed a vast background in delivering workforce and training solutions for trainees, incumbent workers and community members.


Recent Articles

May 2021 e-newsletter- The Professional Biography

In my 5-part process for career strategy and management, I have a section devoted to your toolkit. I call it The Jobseeker’s Toolkit. This was developed by Ford Myers, and consist of documents, templates and worksheets that you can use as you prepare for job search....

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April 2021 e-newsletter

April 2021 e-newsletter Evaluating Customer Experience- Guest Article by Mohamed Latib, Ph.D- Customer Experience University- CXU Experience: The dawn of a new reality. The world we live in has been transformed in ways that we could not have imagined. It’s not only...

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March 2021 e-newsletter

March 2021 e-newsletter What Does A Career Change Look Like in 2021? What will the world of work look like post-Pandemic? Now may be the best time to pivot to your dream job. While you have the time and energy, embarking on a change could be very rewarding. This...

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Featured Projects

January 2021 e-newsletter

January 2021 e-newsletter Welcome to 2021! So many things have happened in the world, it is hard to keep up. I wanted to offer my free coaching services again this month as most of us were caught up in the holiday season. This is an abbreviated newsletter in a new...

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December 2020 e-newsletter

Hello, I am using this month's edition to offer you a free service. Is your career where it needs to be in these challenging times? Let's talk about where your career is and where you would like it to be. I can help. Meanwhile, instead of a lot of noise this month,...

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