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Your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of mid-career transitions, career preparedness, and the evolving dynamics of the job market. With over 30 years of experience in Workforce Development, Education, Project Management, and Program Development, Gary Hines leads our mission to provide unparalleled consulting services.




At the Core of Our Career Management Commitment

At the core of Gary’s commitment is a dedicated focus on mid-career changers, providing specialized assistance tailored to the challenges of today’s ever-evolving job market. Whether you’re contemplating a new career path, grappling with skills assessment, or crafting a robust job search strategy, our dedicated team is equipped with expertise and strategic insights to facilitate your successful career transition.

Situated in the Vibrant Philadelphia Area. The Gary Hines Consulting Group, LLC, serves as a comprehensive resource for individuals, companies, non-profits, and community organizations. Our services extend beyond traditional consulting, covering job readiness, individual career coaching, and educational guidance. Gary’s academic background, including a Bachelor’s in Management from Eastern University and a Master’s in Instructional Technology from Chestnut Hill College, ensures a well-rounded approach to career preparation.




Revolutionize Your Career with Our Ultimate Career Coaching Program

Experience career transformation with Gary Hines Consulting. Our program, distinct from others, employs revolutionary methodologies proven to skyrocket your career and earning ability. The 5 Phases include Evaluation, Exploration, Planning, Implementation, and Ongoing Coaching, ensuring a comprehensive approach tailored to your needs.

Achieve your career goals with Gary Hines, a seasoned Career Coach committed to challenging stereotypes and fostering diversity. Trust us to guide you to success in the evolving landscape of work.






Other Information

Assessment In this first phase, we look at where you are in your career trajectory.  We analyze your likes and dislikes and review the things that are important to you. This phase usually takes about 1-2 weeks to complete. There are basic assessments as well as formal career evaluations to be completed.  As this is very self-focused, it may be longer or shorter depending on your pace.
Research Here is where you conduct research into your chosen industry and job title.  You also get to review the ideal company and job description. 2-3 weeks to complete. This phase provides you with the background and knowledge about the industry and it makes sure you are targeting the right areas for your career.
Developing the Toolkit This phase is a hands-on document creation and review section where you arm yourself with the proper tools to be successful in your search. 3-5 weeks- again, this could be longer or shorter depending on your pace. Cover letters, thank you letters, scripts, templates, lists, resumes and company targets are all covered in this phase.
Campaign Launch This is probably the longest phase as this is where the actual search begins.  Outreach and making connections are the focus. 4-8 weeks.  Progress is analyzed and measured so as to ensure you are hitting the right targets and utilizing all resources on this search. The use of networking, outside resources, third-party contacts and much of the information gathered in earlier phases are put to use.
On-going Career Management After you land your dream job, you need to focus on keeping that job.  This phase discusses perpetual job searches and advancing in your career. On-going:  Company culture, assimilation into the new role and opportunities for advancement. This is a phase that happens after you have the job.  It is useful for the setting the course for your career management and success.
A portrait of Philadelphia Project Manager Gary Hines

Gary and I met 6+ years ago at a recruiting event and I quickly recognized his authenticity. What you see (or hear) is what you get with Gary and that includes an advocate for resources you may need or know someone that would benefit from his resources. Gary is also a very good listener and builds relationships based on demonstrating the benefits of two way communication. He learns from others so he is able to offer new ideas and/or resources to his new and loyal acquaintances. A couple of years ago, I was unexpectedly in a job search needing a very specific schedule. Gary shared an opportunity with me and although the process was slow, Gary’s support and communication with routine status, allowed me to be patient and successfully land the opportunity. Gary has a natural demeanor to support others which may also be a very good friend!

Lori Finn

Career Consultant, Montgomery County Community College

Gary has been a longstanding board member, committee leader, and member of several nonprofit organizations of which I have been a part for well over 20 years. He has naturally developed a reputation for integrity, inclusion, creativity, and hard work, among other attributes. Gary and I recently have been collaborating on a couple of work items this year related to our consulting firms. He’s a great person with whom to partner and I appreciate my time with him as we get to making things happen on a quarterly basis or more. I know he is committed to his clients and seasoned in his craft and so I have recommended him to multiple folks looking for a coach.

R Perry Montasero

Nonprofit Innovation Strategist, RPM Consulting Group

Gary is a talented professional with amazing people skills. He is highly resourceful in bringing together the right people to get the job done, while building a cohesive team that builds on the strengths of the individuals. He has great insight on what is needed to make individuals, businesses, and projects succeed. His many years of experience in education, career development and project management place Gary in a unique position to offer the highest level of consulting in the greater Philadelphia area. He has my highest personal recommendation

Richard Colonna

Environmental Education Specialist, US Marines

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