Welcome to the Fall 2020 edition of EVF. Post election day. I purposely waited until after 11/3/20 to write this as I thought there may be political news to report. Unfortunately, at this writing, there is still no winner in the presidential campaign. One thing that is for sure, America needs a winner. We are in such political and racial strife, that only a winner and possibly a miracle can get us back to anywhere we may have been in the past. I am scared for what this means for our country. What does it mean for you and your family? The world of work and jobs have already been completely overhauled by the pandemic. I thought that might be the story of the year. But where we are right now, is also a big story. One thing is also certain, we must come to grips that we are a deeply divided and polarized nation. Things have not been like this since the 60’s and this seems worse. This is not a good time, but we must press on. We can only hope and pray for resolution to our problems.
I feel the mental toll this election is taking will not be good for the workforce and job marketplace. Again, with the pandemic and virus only seeming to expand and become more dire, what could happen next? 2020 will certainly go down in the history books as a life-changing period that will hopefully bring about change and honest discussion about everything. As my family used to say “keep your eyes on the prize” and “hold your head up” in troubling times.
This month I wanted to share a story about a man who used my services some years ago to find clarity and direction on his career search. I am linking the video in this newsletter. Take a look and let me know your thoughts. I am linking you to my website also as I am in the process of changing the format to more of a blog style. I want interactivity and want to use the format to hear from you about your career and professional development needs. I am also exploring the world of e-books and may have some news about that soon. I’m excited about the possibility of writing articles on career strategy and publishing them for review. I will sneak in a sample in the next newsletter.
I look forward to the continued conversations. Please join me on social media. I just recently got involved on Instagram and have to admit that it is not my favorite format. However, I will post things there and continue with posts primarily on LinkedIn.
I will be posting videos and creating articles on LinkedIn and my Facebook groups that address these issues as we move forward. Things are changing rapidly in business and in the world. Will you be ready? Give me a call to talk about what might be next for you.