In my 5-part process for career strategy and management, I have a section devoted to your toolkit. I call it The Jobseeker’s Toolkit. This was developed by Ford Myers, and consist of documents, templates and worksheets that you can use as you prepare for job search. It is a very handy and needed portfolio that you should have no matter where you are in your career strategy. The toolkit contains many items that are relevant and necessary in today’s ever-changing job-market.

I have covered other items in the toolkit such as career assessments and accomplishment stories. This time we look at the Biography. What is it and who needs it? The biography is a one-page narrative of your career written in the 3rd person. It is almost like a book review of you and your career. It can be used in networking events, in interviews and on your LinkedIn profile.

t looks very much like a resume in its format, but the heading and contact information is where that stops. You pretty much can list all relevant career highlights and a list of accomplishments. At the end, you can write something personal such as interests, hobbies or even where you live. It’s a tool that is beneficial when someone needs to see a ‘snapshot’ of who you are.

The document does not take the place of your resume, but summarizes it. The focus is in the mode of the ‘at-a; glance’ document that we see in product reviews or on websites. The document acts as a business card and in a short one-pager, shows the reader who you are and what you bring to the table- and more importantly- what you can do.

Check out this brief example and let me show you the best way to create a biography.

Jack Smith is a Pharmaceutical professional with 15 years’ experience within the Pharmaceutical-Biotechnology field. Jack has expertise with Managed Access programs, Health Insurance and Pharmacy Benefit Management industries in the US, Puerto Rico, and Latin American Markets. He displays strong business acumen, a broad knowledge of complex, rare disease states with an understanding of the reimbursement process, the logistics distribution processes and project management. Jack is recognized for his ability to work with internal and external customers at all levels and is also well known to be people oriented. Jack began his professional career with Advance PCS (currently CVS Caremark) where he assisted a group of pharmacists in manage resolutions and status of routine to complex client request. Jack fosters a strong client relationship and demonstrates a good understanding of the client’s business needs. Jack has performed duties in project development and works within a wide variety of functional areas, market research and business operations.
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The Professional Biography