What is An Accomplishment Story?
In this edition, I would like to discuss one major thing you can do on a job search or career transition. I am talking about things that you have worked on that made you feel proud. It may have been something you spearheaded and got good results. Maybe you were part of a team that achieved some great benchmark or milestone.

Think about a story, a situation, or an event that you were responsible for and then build on that. What was the problem or the project and how did you (or maybe your team) solve it?

Having these kinds of stories are important for a number of reasons. They can give you value and showcase your skills. They can show potential employers, current leadership or possible investors that you have the experience to do the job. You can get things done.

Stories like these can be woven into your conversations at networking events (even virtual ones) or incorporated into your online profiles. Accomplishment stories can bring to life the expertise that you have in a real experience that you can share and stand out above the competition.

The basic steps are simple:

Define the situation or problem.

Describe the process or thinking you used to address it.

What did you do personally or what did you do as part of a team?

What was the end result or resolution?

What skills did you use in this situation? -Communication, Leadership, Initiative, Collaboration, Teamwork.

Let me help you craft your accomplishment stories so that you can showcase what you are made of.

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