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As you may be aware, there really is no such thing as an autobiographical sketch resume per se. While a resume is a brief sketch of your employment and education history, you will not want to put any personal information on your resume which is why some potential employers ask you to provide this type of resume along with your resume when applying for a job.

Although they are two very different documents, the two collectively together are referred to as a single document called an autobiographical sketch resume. An autobiographical sketch resume is a good gauge to determine the way you write and organize information and ideas. Prospective employers are looking for words that flow, ideas that lead smoothly from one to the other, and good use of the English language. You will need to include a fair amount of information in this type of resume.

First, know that prospective employers are not necessarily looking for personal information in an autobiographical sketch resume. If you want to offer up that information yourself, you can certainly do that, but, most likely what they want to know about is how you got into the field you are working in or the reasons why you want to work in another field. They may also be wondering your thought processes regarding the philosophy of the business world or the career you want to get into. Some things to include in your autobiographical sketch resume would be past work experience, why you decided to work in that field, thought processes about work assignments, any new projects and feelings about how you were going to complete those projects, and interactions with co-workers. You will want the whole thing to be a page or less and you will also want it to be extremely positive. Focus on the good information, stay away from the bad contentious issues.

When writing such a resume, be professional and use good prose. Make sure the words flow smoothly. You may want to read it to someone else to get their opinion of what you have written. Then, you can make any changes you think you need to make to improve it. This is how your potential boss will get an introduction to you, so you will want it to be a great example of who you are and what you are capable of.

Writing an autobiographical sketch resume is not difficult, but it must be done in a way so that you will represent yourself in the most positive light that will compel your prospective employer to call you for an interview. After that, you can dazzle them in person and show them that what you wrote in your autobiographical sketch resume really was true after all!

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