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With a career consultation, you’ll have a laser-sharp focus on exactly what you want in the career of your dreams, and have a detailed road map that’ll get you to your career destination in the shortest amount of time.

You’ll have unstoppable confidence when walking into an interview, plus all the right moves, words, and tools that give you an unfair advantage — not to mention an arsenal of tactics that puts you head-and-shoulders above all other candidates.

Our career consultation services will make you irresistible to employers. They’ll be more likely to offer the job to you instead of to other job-seeking candidates, who may even be more qualified or experienced.

A career consultation will have you ready and able to easily negotiate a starting salary higher than what you’d hoped for — and do it without fear or anxiety. You’ll have employers “eating out of your hand” and they’ll start chasing you (instead of you always having to chase them). They may even create a position just for you — and ask you to name your salary!


Gary Hines will be offering newer services for businesses and organizations including:

  • Project Management
  • Incumbent Worker Training
  • Program Development
  • Group Workshops and Professional Development
  • Economic Data Analysis
  • Relationship Building
  • Partnership Development
  • Grant Funding and Business Resources
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Then request your complimentary phone consultation!

Qualified job-seekers in the US and Canada are invited to take advantage of an intensive initial career coaching session, which is 100% focused on your career questions, issues and challenges. There’s no fee or obligation, and no “sales pitch.”

Your complimentary phone consultation includes:

  • Expert career coaching and advice dedicated just to your career and your success
  • Evaluation of your job search or career management strategy
  • Review of your resume, cover letter or other primary career document
  • Response to your most pressing career question or job-seeking problem

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